What if I want it all?



Good news! You’ll save by ordering all nine of these resources.

I Want it All Package Special includes: Trusted Advisor Transformation (online video course), Profit Producing Customer Service, How to Deal with Difficult People™, How to Manage Multiple Priorities ™, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month (book),  Influence with Ease® (book),  Influence with Ease® Customer Service Course, The Art of Customer Service… Influence with Ease® (on-demand video),  Customer Communications E-Learning Course, 50 Phrases that Pay (single user). – Total if ordered individually – $1,999

NOTE: We will contact you to confirm whether you’d prefer downloadable electronic versions of these resources, or if you’d prefer the hard copies. The price of the package will remain the same for either format. However, the shipping charge will be reduced if you opt for electronic versions. Again, we will contact you to make sure you get exactly what you want.  We aim to please!


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