Selling on Zoom

How to use virtual meetings to convert customer inquiries into sales

Seminar Overview

If you are not your industry’s lowest price provider, then when customers email you for prices, the worst response is replying with a written quote. There is no point in providing prices before establishing value. In this customized, virtual seminar with Jeff Mowatt, your customer-facing team will discover how to convert customer email inquiries into Zoom buying conversations to build more business.

Participants discover how to:

  • Reply to email and phone inquiries with a compelling reason for customers to opt for Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting. (Note: Jeff will wordsmith a draft reply that your team can simply cut and paste).
  • Set the stage for hosting more engaging virtual meetings: lighting, camera angle, backgrounds, visuals, etc., that create a more positive, consistent impression with customers.
  • Conduct buying conversations that help customers recognize and be willing to pay for the extra value you provide.
  • Use the P.U.P.© method to narrow the information you provide customers down to the three key elements they need to make faster, easier buying decisions.
  • Differentiate your products and services to make your prices become less relevant.
  • Make your virtual meeting less of a presentation, and more of a trust building conversation.
  • Wrap up your meeting with a compelling call to action to move the sale forward.

Bonus: Your team’s virtual session with Jeff will be recorded and you’ll be licensed to use the resulting video to train future customer-facing team members. Note that this seminar will be customized – Jeff will meet one-on-one in advance with several of your team members and adjust the content to be relevant for your team’s unique circumstances.


“Jeff and his team put together a comprehensive, easy to learn virtual training session for our geographically dispersed team members that went above and beyond our expectations. This was a game changer for Sprung that gave us a much better chance of achieving our revenue goals. I highly recommend this session for any team that needs to remain cutting-edged and customer-focused.”

Jim Avery, Vice President, Sprung Instant Structures

“Thank you, Jeff for that great online session. I felt we were a strong team as it related to customer impression going into this and I was surprised at the number of different tools we now have to strengthen and enhance that. I also found the virtual format with breakout rooms worked well, so thank you for adapting that for us! I will get in touch regarding future sessions.”

Karen Jawl, Director, Jawl Properties

“Jeff’s virtual seminar was excellent. Amazing how well he did with presenting via Zoom. He kept everyone engaged while providing excellent content. I received lots of feedback already from my team advising they really enjoyed it. Great investment in our people!”

Jeff Allen, AVP, Service Delivery Industrial Products, Cando Rail Services


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