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How do you set yourself apart with emails?

textingA manager once explained to me, “My staff needs to know that just being friendly doesn’t differentiate us.” That’s why in my seminars I remind teams to not merely be seen as their customer’s friend; but rather to become valued as their customer’s trusted advisor. Surprisingly, the trust meter is often advanced by little things. For example, when you send emails from your phone, does the message automatically attach a signature that details your full name and contact information? By including your contact information, you subtly convey three things to the recipient: 1) you are considering their convenience, 2) you pay attention to details and, 3) you are comfortable being held accountable; which is why you are disclosing exactly who you are and how you can be reached. Good return for the one-time 10 minutes it takes to add a signature line to mobile device emails.

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