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Years ago on a family vacation, the sign for a roadside ice-cream shop surprised me. The sign facing the highway featured in large letters, “PUBLIC RESTROOMS”. I also noticed the place was packed with customers ordering-up their 14 flavours. Interesting how by offering their restrooms to the world, the world was rewarding them. Yet so often businesses have negative signs like, “Restrooms for customers only”, “No refunds w/o receipt”, “Cancelled appointments will be charged”, etc. I believe too many managers cling to an attitude of scarcity. They are so afraid of minor losses and incidental costs that they literally post signs that annoy customers. There are costs of doing business. Rather than fighting them, maybe we should do the opposite – embrace an attitude of abundance and create policies and signage that errs on the side of generosity. Sometimes, as with the ice cream store, nice folks do finish first.

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