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The Secret Sauce to Gaining and Keeping Customers

Have you noticed this disturbing trend in customer service? We tend to be increasingly reactive to customers, and in doing so become less respected by customers.

I blame social media algorithms that fuel our addiction to keep scrolling. That same scrolling/discarding/swiping habit crosses over into blasting through emails – just answer and delete. We’re so busy mindlessly reacting and responding to customer issues, that we don’t put the effort into getting ahead of our customer. Keep in mind I’m referring to the way we react to both external customers and internal coworkers. The good news is this is an opportunity to significantly differentiate your service.

I’ve shared in my seminars the concept of getting ahead of customers. Think of it as the secret sauce to gaining and keeping customers. It’s answering your customers’ next unasked questions and anticipating and fulfilling their next unexpressed need. By getting ahead of your customers you appear to be thinking at a higher level than customers themselves. That earns instant respect and elevates your status in your customers’ mind to trusted advisor. Your service is seen as value-added, and your price becomes less relevant. It doesn’t happen if we simply respond and react to customer requests.

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