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Transferring Upset Callers

Imagine you’re a customer phoning to complain about unexpected charges. You explain the problem to the switchboard operator. She transfers you to accounts receivable. You repeat yourself to that clerk who transfers you to the manager. You now explain the problem that manager who says you’ll need to talk to the operations manager. They transfer you to that manager’s voicemail which states he’s on vacation. Contrast this nightmare scenario to instead when you call the switchboard operator, she apologizes for any error, says she’ll look into it and will return your call within 24 hours. She contacts the person who commits to resolving the problem. She then phones you explaining who will be taking care of this. Later that manager phones you beginning with reiterating his understanding of what your concern is… The lesson, transferring upset callers only makes things worse. Instead, take ownership: do the legwork yourself, convey vital information and you’ll save time, money, frustration, and most importantly, customer loyalty.

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