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What Customers and Coworkers Actually Think of You

If you’ve attended my seminars you know that we often discuss the importance of not trying to become your customer’s pal. Nothing wrong with being friends with customers. Reality is though, many people may not like us because of our age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation etc. My suggestion is don’t try to be your customers’ or co-workers’ buddy. Instead, strive to be seen as their trusted advisor.  Here’s the catch…

We don’t say to others, “I’ll be your Trusted Advisor.” That would be laughable. Our brand is not what we claim it is. Our brand or reputation is what others think it is.

Similarly, it’s counterproductive saying to others, “I’m the kind of person who…” When we use a phrase like that, we’re trying too hard to impose an impression. Unfortunately, it just makes us sound insecure and desperate.

The bottom line is your reputation at work isn’t about whether people like you as a pal. It’s about earning a reputation for reliability. When you make commitments, you keep them. You don’t worry about gaining attention or who gets credit. Instead, you deliver consistently. That’s when people notice you, respect you, recommend you, and consider you to be their Trusted Advisor.

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