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What Customers Want – the next big trend

As a customer yourself, see if you can relate to this kind of buying decision. It may change the services you offer to your customers.

I’m getting more clients requesting that I do virtual seminars, prompting me to source a higher-end studio camera that will blur my background better than the Zoom Meetings effect. I watch several YouTube videos where professional videographers explain the settings they use on their commercial equipment to get the ‘bokeh’ effect I’m looking for. I quickly come to 4 conclusions:

  • I’ll have to spend real money to buy the kind of equipment that will achieve this.
  • I have no desire to shop for equipment when I don’t know one camera or lens from the next.
  • I know that I don’t know photography, and this is way outside my skill set.
  • I know I don’t want to learn photography. I just want to enhance my virtual seminars.

Good news is a professional speaking colleague tells me about a guy who is an audiovisual tech/ professional photographer who set up her studio for a fee. I hired Brian Haig and he sources the equipment (even some of it on Kijiji) sets up my studio, adjusts all the lights and leaves me with a turnkey solution that I know sets me apart in the marketplace.

The lesson. A certain amount of your customers don’t want to be taught how-to’s. They don’t want to read manuals or take a course. They will happily pay a premium to someone they trust to do/ arrange the whole thing for them. With the massive amount of choices in almost every category of products or services, I predict this kind of turnkey service is only going to grow. Are there opportunities for you and your organization to provide more turnkey services for your customers?

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