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What if you took one day away for this?

As a manager, would you consider yourself to be more focused on your organization’s day-to-day operations, or are you more focused on long-term strategies? Put another way, how much time do you spend working in the business vs working on your business?

If you’re a manager in a small to medium-sized organization, you don’t have the time to exclusively focusing on strategy. There are customer projects that need your attention, people issues that arise, and proverbial fires to put out. Often we get so caught up in operations that we neglect to step back and see if that particular operation is taking us in the right direction.

That’s why in my upcoming seminar for leaders and supervisors we invite you to take one day from working in your business to instead focusing on your business. You’ll discover a turnkey system that when you incorporate it, ensures your team will consistently be aligned with your customer’s changing needs and service expectations. The bonus is it only take 90 minutes a month. Details are at Leading a Customer-Focused Team .

Register today for our 30 – second Trusted Advisor tips and receive as a bonus 15 Phrases that Pay for dealing with stressed and rushed customers.

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