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Which of these 2 Phone Greetings will Make the Sale?

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Effective Phone Techniques

Quick – when phoning a company, which of these two organizations would you prefer to do business with? The first one answers: “ABC Auto.” The second answers, “Thank you for calling XYZ Auto, this is Dale.” If you’re like most customers, the second company gets your business.  Three reasons for the second greeting being more impactful:

  1. The person answering volunteered their name, indicating transparency – like they are OK being held accountable. They aren’t hiding.
  2. The second greeting did not add the word, ‘speaking’’  after their name. We want callers to remember our name and be encouraged to volunteer theirs. Since people remember the word spoken last, we want that word to be our name, not ‘speaking’.
  3. For the same reason, we don’t bother adding the useless, “How can I help you?” The caller will state why they’re calling if we let them. And we’ll have more positive energy with our greeting when it’s shorter – especially when we have to say it repeatedly.

Bottom line: when employees are trained on how to properly answer the phone, there’s a good chance in your customers’ minds, your employees are also trained to solve their problems. So simply providing some fundamentals on telephone communications creates an easy competitive advantage. How about your team – could they use a tune-up with customer communications? Let me know if I can assist.

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