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Who’s Your Customer?

A manager client expressed concern that a few of his employees didn’t seem to get who their customers are. He explained, “They’re attentive to external customers. But when responding to requests from internal customers (co-workers), they’re lackadaisical.” Unfortunately, he isn’t alone. Increasingly, I’m hearing from managers about headaches created when:

  • Employees either neglect to submit documentation needed by other departments, or they do so with inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • People need to ask co-workers repeatedly for the same services or paperwork.
  • Employees are polite with external customers, but blunt – and sometimes insulting behind those customers’ backs – with co-workers.

That’s why one of the first topics we cover in my customer service training seminars is the definition of customers. It’s more than external customers. It’s anyone needing your service; including co-workers. Anyone who thinks they don’t have customers doesn’t get it. And their managers are noticing.

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