Meet Hall of Fame, Customer Service business speaker Jeff Mowatt

When it comes to customer service expertise, Jeff didn’t just read the book – he wrote it! He’s the author of the best-selling business books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month and Influence with Ease. He heads his own training company and has written and produced 13 self-study coaching tools. His Influence with Ease ® column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business and on-line publications.

His passion for customer service and sales began in earnest at the age of 22 when Jeff was given a living laboratory for testing and studying influence. Fresh out of business school with a commerce degree in marketing, his first real job was selling one-write accounting systems door-to-door to businesses – without an appointment! In terms of rejection, Jeff quips that he was turned-down more often than a hotel bedspread! The good news however, is that that was the beginning of Jeff’s real world education on how an employee’s choice of words and actions influenced customer buying behaviors. He also paid close attention to how others influenced him when he was a customer. Jeff went on to become a corporate Director of Marketing for a 40 million dollar per year corporation, eventually launching JC Mowatt Seminars Inc in 1992. In the years since, Jeff has worked with tens of thousands of individuals in literally hundreds of organizations throughout North America.

Rest assured – you won’t be bored in a Jeff Mowatt presentation! With over 30 years as a full time professional speaker, Jeff knows how to engage a group. He has served as the national President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). The Global Speakers Federation awarded Jeff with the highest earned speaking designation in the industry; the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Of the over 5,000 professional speakers in the worldwide federation, less than 7% achieve this degree of distinction. It gets even better, because Jeff has been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, (HoF).  Hall of Fame membership is considered a lifetime achievement award for “outstanding excellence in the speaking industry.” Of the literally thousands of current and past members of CAPS, less than 40 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. With a Jeff Mowatt presentation, your team members get one of the most award-winning, engaging speakers in the country.

The customer service goal that motivates Jeff is simply to create substantial, measurable results for his clients. Therefore, Jeff has developed for his clients a full complement of support services and implementation tools including: executive retreats/planning sessions, service assessments, multimedia training kits, and on-line courses. Murray Gottselig, Manager of Corp Customer Service for SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance), reported… “Within six months of Jeff working with us… employee morale improved significantly, productivity increased by 34% and the amount of public complaints decreased by 75%.”

Typically, Jeff’s audience members are smart, well-intentioned individuals. Jeff won’t insult their intelligence by spouting platitudes or subjecting them to tired, out-dated cliches. What Jeff will do is give them a fresh perspective and equip them with tips and tools they can use to take the team’s customer service to the next level.

“In my career I have seen many motivational speakers. To date Jeff Mowatt was the only one who has had a profound impact on me.”
Richard Wahl, Regional Director, Western Financial Group

“Jeff’s presentation was sharp/well thought out.   Material I can take back to my job and use everyday”
Lise Deah, Service Delivery Agent, Federal Income Security Programs

“Jeff provides new tools for a new generation. Change is great if you know how to do it.”
Brenda Jabs, Executive Director, Brazeau Regional Tourism

“I learned more useful tips about service and selling by attending a 45 minute presentation from Jeff than from several years of attending full day training sessions from other  speakers.”
Andrew Fox, Chapter President, Calgary Executives Association

“Jeff is an excellent speaker. Very motivating, humorous, great stories. Never boring.”
Rosalie Wood, Executive Administrator, About Staffing Ltd

“Jeff teaches in one presentation what would normally take a lifetime to instill in many.”
Ray Styranka, VP Credit, Wainwright Credit Union


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