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We understand that whether you’re booking a customized seminar for your team, or a keynote presentation for an event, you need content that’s relevant and creates tangible results.  If not, participants will feel they are wasting their valuable time. Fortunately, the topic  of customer service applies to virtually everyone in an organization. When you think about it,  everyone provides a service.  The people within your  group may deal directly with external  customers and stakeholders. Or they may have  internal  customers such as other departments within their organization,  or co-workers within a department. In all cases, the core reason people are employed is to serve their customers. That means that no one attending this session  will feel left-out or that this  subject isn’t relevant. And with Jeff’s ability to engage and entertain, participants feel like they not only learned something useful – they also had fun!

You have 5  customer service related  topics to choose from under  Influence with Ease ®  theme. Many clients save on travel and speaking expenses  by having Jeff conduct more than one presentation while he’s on-site.  A second session the same or next day at the same location is always half price. Choose from the following:

jeff_mowatt_doing_his_thingKeynotes and Seminars:

You can also see a sample of Jeff’s delivery style in this  preview video  of Jeff in action.

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What Clients Say about Bringing Jeff in to Work with their Teams


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Our membership consists of educated, experienced professionals. They attend numerous conferences and hear many speakers. Jeff’s Influence with Ease© subject matter was a strong draw – a record turnout in our 95 year history. Moreover, of the six sessions in our full day conference, Jeff’s was the most highly rated – by far!.

Melissa Secord, Manager, Communications & Special Events, Ontario Association of Optometrists

Jeff, your H.E.A.R tip (on how to clarify customer needs)… Best technique ever, seriously When I heard it at your presentation it seemed so simple and yet was a WOW moment for me. Since I returned from the conference where you spoke, I have used it in every single interaction humanly possible and it turns out it creates a WOW moment for pretty much anyone I use it with. I have now started working with the staff to craft their own personal swing on it; it’s one of those things that is very different each time and yet strikingly consistent in its results. They love it, I love it, and thank you so much for sharing! Although definitely not the only tool I took away from your presentation it’s by far had the most impact since. I had your Influence with Ease book read by the time I headed home and that too has become a resource I refer to daily.

Tracey Malone, Advisor, The Co-Operators

Jeff, I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your keynote presentation. Our 1,200 attendees let us know that this year’s opening general session was the single-most impactful program we’ve ever put together. Your Influence with Ease message was a home-run in a market where many small business owners are challenged. Your program hit the nail on the head and your presentation was top-notch. I now know why you were so highly recommended to me.

Joseph Levey, Vice President, International Smart Tan Network

Having Jeff Mowatt open our Cancun convention worked wonderfully. He tied his presentation to our theme and set the tone for one of our most successful conferences. Throughout the convention, I heard delegates referring back to key messages from Jeff’s session. Clearly, Jeff’s message hit home with our team members.

Phil Sproul, Executive Vice President & COO, Travel Professionals International

Jeff’s content, delivery, high standard of professionalism, and pleasing personality makes him one of the most outstanding and memorable speakers I’ve heard.

Stan Palmer, Past International Director, International Assoc. of Lions Clubs

Jeff Mowatt’s name came up over and over on our conference evaluations where we asked, “Which guest speaker do you think added the most to the conference?

Mike Dempster, Director General, Supply and Services, Gov’t of Canada

Jeff Mowatt is truly an author and speaker extraordinaire! His keynote set the tone for a ‘best-ever’ CUISA conference.

Roberta Kelly, Marketing & Broker Services, ICBC


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