Avoiding Round One

Avoiding Round One

Strategies for gaining cooperation with difficult customers.

Presentation Overview

Someone once said that life would be easy — if it wasn’t for the people!   Imagine how much less-stressed you could be at work without having to deal with people issues.   Consider how morale and profits would improve if you could consistently convert an upset customer into an advocate.   Think of the impact on your personal life if you could resolve conflicts with neighbors, friends, and family members without creating hard feelings.

This isn’t just wishful thinking.   These are skills that you’ll develop in this module of the Influence with Ease ® series, with Jeff Mowatt.   Participants learn the strategies, techniques, and mindset for gaining cooperation including:

  • deal effectively with the most difficult person in your life.
  • earn the respect you deserve from overly aggressive people.
  • negotiate win/win agreements at home and at work.
  • express anger appropriately when you’re not taken seriously.
  • improve your tolerance of “difficult” people.
  • persuade others when they won’t listen to reason.   (Bonus: it doesn’t involve nagging).

Avoiding Round One may not be for everyone.   It’s only relevant for those people who have to interact with other humans! Jeff uses terrific stories to illustrate the funny and frustrating aspects human interaction.   It’s entertaining, engaging, and real — a great environment for learning.

Avoiding Round One is effective as a general session presentation, a breakout session, or a workshop.   For a general session, the presentation is full of engaging story-telling and readily applied techniques.   As a breakout session or workshop, the presentation is an entertaining package of high-impact content and audience interaction.


“I loved Jeff’s presentation! I could have sat all day and learned more. Jeff has given me the courage of my convictions. I believe it will impact me and the company I work for everyday.”
Glenis Krowenenko, Ask Advisor, Schwarzkopf Professional

“Jeff’s was a great session. I will use this approach to deal with co-workers, supervisors and the public.”
Rejoice Apedoe, Children’s Services Consultant, City of Edmonton

“After attending Jeff’s presentation, I’m able to handle work problems with others with more confidence and control; creating more harmony in the workplace.”
Blaine Noel, Aurum Group

“Excellent! Jeff’s session gives me more ideas on how to deal with family and employees. A whole new outlook.”
Bob Pratt, Security, Inland Concrete

“This session will enable us to influence operators more effectively and improve compliance. I also learned methods on how to communicate with complainants that should improve the public’s perception of us.
John Younger, EHO, BC Northern Health Authority

“Jeff’s seminar will help me beyond my work. I truly feel that I will be a better person for people to interact with.”
Falon Papp, Administrative Product Consultant, Sharper Cards

“Excellent presentation. Jeff is a real professional. Our business is all about ‘trust’. Jeff’s session reminded us of the importance of gaining trust and how significant that is in a client relationship.”
Joanne Schiweck-Doherty, Claims Manager, AMA Insurance Co.


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