Leading a Customer-Focused Team

Leading a Customer-Focused Team

(for Managers, Supervisors and people moving into those roles)

Seminar Objective

Imagine leading a team whose service is so outstanding it becomes your brand. Your team becomes what you always knew it could be – one of a kind, defying comparison. Customers hear about you, are drawn to you, and refuse to leave you because your team is the industry Service Icon. You are one of the few leaders who no longer has to deal with the hassles of constant staff turnover, trivial customer complaints, and interpersonal staff pettiness. You and your team’s reputation for excellence spreads.

What if as a manager, you no longer had to deal with people problems?

Freeing yourself from putting-out-fires and instead focusing on growing your business is one thing if you have teams of HR people. But if you’re a manager of a small to medium-sized organization where you need to deal with hiring, training, and performance issues on your own, it’s easy to get bogged-down. Until now…

Working with business owners and leaders over 20 years, Jeff Mowatt developed a turnkey system that generates exceptional results – so much so that he wrote a book about it that became a national bestseller. This is now a seminar where you’ll discover that, by making minor adjustments to your customer service culture, you’ll achieve significant results:

  • Motivate and engage employees without paying premium wages, promotions, or pricy perks
  • Become an employer of choice, where team members feel a sense of purpose
  • Your service brand becomes your key differentiator, where price becomes less relevant
  • Your team adapts to changing customer needs, so you capitalize on trends

You will learn how to:

  • Enhance your organization’s customer service culture
  • Boost productivity and morale by tapping into the #1 employee motivator (hint: it isn’t money or recognition)
  • Eliminate most of the people problems that divert energy from the real task of satisfying customers
  • Empower employees to make better choices; both for customers and for the organization
  • Align your training, recognition, and customer feedback efforts into a single continuous improvement system
  • Leverage your energy as a leader, so you have less stress and greater life balance

Leading a Customer-Focused Team gets to the core of customer service – the organization’s underlying service and sales culture. Unlike other approaches that merely focus on surface behaviours, this addresses the root cause. As Jeff puts it, “If you try to enhance service and sales behaviours without looking at the culture, you are just painting over rust – the underlying problems eventually reoccur.”

You will walk away from this seminar with a TURNKEY SYSTEM that merely takes 90 minutes a month, and creates the kind of customer service culture that’s so powerful that you become your industry’s Service Icon.

Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month - by Jeff MowattWhen it comes to enhancing sales and service culture, Jeff Mowatt didn’t just read the book, he wrote it! This session is based on Jeff Mowatt’s best-selling business book, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month. A customer service strategist and award winning speaker, Jeff heads his own training company and has written and produced 4 audio training albums. His Influence with Ease ® column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business publications. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your sales and service culture – in just 90 minutes a month!


“If you are serious about creating a service-oriented team, Jeff Mowatt’s resource is a must.”
Clive Beddoe, Chairman, President and CEO, WestJet Airlines

“Groundbreaking! Jeff Mowatt reveals how you can take good service to the next level – without asking employees to work harder or faster.”
Bob Nicolay, President and CEO, Enmax Corporation

“This session has had a huge impact on how I will grow into a strong leader. I will use Jeff’s examples in the actual training of our team. Guests will be happier and so will our team.”
Mary Newman, Regional Coordinator, Red Robin Canada

“Today’s presentation has me thinking we should be bringing our management team to Jeff’s seminar so they can hear and see this first hand.”
Wayne Kallis,  President, Lube City

“Jeff’s presentation was the best  I’ve seen since  I’ve been with the company.  It was relevant to the corporate direction and to the challenges that branch managers have in moving the vision forward.”
Andrea Conn, Branch Manager, NorthShore Credit Union

“The impact of Jeff’s session on my organization will be HUGE! Jeff has given me great tips on how to move my company forward.”
Cynthia J. Douwes, President, ConnLinn Meeting & Event Management

“This was one of the best presentations I have attended.   It will allow me to further upgrade the quality of our team.”
Vance McFadyen, Operations Manager, Ames Bros Distr. Ltd

“I’m the trainer for our entire company. I cannot thank Jeff enough for helping me to improve company profitability.”
Jennifer Tidsbury, District Manager, Pet Planet

“This will open up a new approach for my team.”
Peter Desmarais, Team Leader – Corporate Services, Talisman Energy

“After this training, I will be able to take our call centre to the next level. Great tools from Jeff’s seminar.”
Michael Jameson, Call Centre Manger, PDL Mobility

“Jeff’s session will impact us largely. The gaps needed to cope with the constant turnover of new staff and training new staff were filled in.”
Terry Shenher, General Manager, Lakeland Co-op

“I have been in finance for 30 years and Jeff’s seminar was a real enlightener for me.
Paul Blain, Branch Manager, Servus Credit Union

“Jeff’s leadership strategies have been part of the foundation of developing the culture of 5B Management. Our corporate culture evolved from standard, old school management to a culture with a palpable pulse staffed with people with a passion to meet the needs of the customer.”
Robin McChesney, Regional Operations Managear, 5B Management

“We implemented Jeff Mowatt’s customer service strategies and are proud to announce that out of hundreds of area businesses, we were recently voted by the local newspaper as #1 GOLD WINNERS for Customer Service.”
Judy Edwards, Business manager, Carstairs & Didsbury Pharmasave


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