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3 Free Training Videos





3 FREE Training Videos



Whether you work as a frontline employee or manager in either the private or public sectors, these strategies will change the way people view you and your organization. Access these 3 Free Training Videos on Becoming a Trusted Advisor.


You will learn:


    • How to instill more confidence when interacting with customers and co-workers.


    • How slight adjustments to the way you communicate will position you as a Trusted Advisor.


    • The most common communication mistake that messes-up people’s lives at work (and how to avoid it).


    • Why customers and co-workers may under-appreciate and under-value your services.


    • How to stand-out without working faster or lowering prices.


    • How to motivate a whole team to provide remarkable service.


    • 5 things people need to know to make them more receptive to your ideas.


    • The financial fall-out of customers and co-workers not noticing your service.



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leftquote ‘Our results using Jeff’s concepts have been tremendous, with overall sales up over 300% compared to last year’s volumes for the same period. Obviously there are a number of additional factors that we have undertaken that have contributed to that increase, but Jeff’s strategies were certainly a key component.’

Jim Bobst, Operations Manager – Contact Center, CUETS (Credit Union Electronic Services)

‘Thank you Jeff! On a normal shift at the Aquatic Center I would regularly have at least 3 people freak-out and start complaining. Since using your techniques over 4 weeks ago, I have not even had one patron become cross!!! These are simple life-changing skills. I don’t leave work angry because of rude customers’¦Awesome!’

Marla Shumilak, Aquatic Centre Supervisor/Instructor, City of North Battleford

‘Jeff – thank you for the valuable information. There is an overabundance of ‘experts’ in cyberland who think they have the answers through gimmicks or time-consuming on-line activities that in reality mostly benefit the ‘expert’. Your tips are a breath of fresh air. In just a few words you provide high quality, easily implemented strategies that foster trust with customers to produce higher revenues.’

Beverly Kaltenbruner, Owner/Partner, Harold’s Auto Service



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