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How to Create More Consistent Service

Ignore this tip if you manage a multibillion dollar brand like Apple, Coke, or McDonalds. Those companies are so established that customers have an emotional attachment to the brand name itself. If on the other hand, you manage a smaller organization, then chances are your customers have little attachment to your company name. Instead, they associate your brand with individual employees with whom they interact. That means you can spend money on marketing, product development, facilities, distribution etc, but if your customer interacts with just one employee who is having a bad day, or who isn’t fully trained on how to interact with stressed or rushed customers – then your entire brand (and all those other investments) takes the hit.

The only way to ensure all employees deliver consistent high quality service is through proper training. That’s a major challenge for companies who have high turnover or seasonal staffing issues. That’s why it makes sense to work with a training provider who offers the option of supplying a videographer to film the training to use as an orientation for future new hires. Bottom line – consistent service doesn’t happen by accident. If service isn’t consistent, don’t blame employees. Blame the manager who allocates resources to other corporate priorities; while neglecting training.

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