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Great Service despite Bad Days

Consider these responses to a customer’s request: “Yes”, “Sure”, “Okey-dokey” (Yikes)! What if instead, the employee replies with, “I’ll take care of it.” This response tells the customer that not only will it be done; it will be done with care. Your customer service is perceived to be better and all you did was change your wording. The bonus is you don’t have to care. It’s nice if you do care about that particular customer and their needs, but in the real world whether you’re a frontline employee, manager, or owner, this may just be a way to make a living. Frankly that’s OK. I don’t know anyone who loves every minute of their job. That’s why you get paid. In other words, even with bad days and not so great jobs you can still give the impression of someone who’s competent and helpful.

Today’s chuckle:

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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