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No big deal losing a few customers?

A few years ago, if your organization’s service wasn’t great, you might upset some customers, but it was considered part of the normal business. Now however, disgruntled customers have a means to amplify their outrage. Social media has become the new form of “word-of-mouth”. The sheer numbers people can reach means a single unhappy customer can inflict serious brand damage. Keep in mind that a comment that’s spoken may be forgotten; but a remark written in cyberspace may last forever. Add to that people’s tendency to take the written word more seriously than a spoken comment, and you have substantial reason to make your customer service positively remark-able. To see how your company is doing today, look at your sales. To forecast how you’ll be doing tomorrow, look at your service.

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Today’s chuckle:

The best way to have the last word is to apologize.


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