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Release the Hot Air from Puffery Statements

“I know you’ve heard this a million times…” Oops! I mean, “Perhaps you’ve heard this before…” Exaggeration – otherwise know in advertising circles as ‘puffery’ – reduces credibility. When we exaggerate with statements such as, “This is the BEST…” or, “You’ll NEVER have problems with…” or, “We ALWAYS arrive…” we inadvertently provoke skepticism with others. Keep in mind that using cliches that stretch the truth – even slightly (compare: “We hear this all the time.” with, “We hear this frequently”) – we reveal our insecurities and undermine our main objective in influencing; creating trust. Less is more. Tone down exaggerations. Tell the truth. Others will reward you for respecting their intelligence.

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Today’s chuckle:

52% of all statistics are false.


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