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What Neatness Really Means

After speaking for a client in Cancun, I spent the late afternoon at the resort’s beach where I noticed something odd. As guests left the beach for the evening events, the resort’s staff would realign the vacated beach chairs, going so far as to crouch to chair level and eyeball the chair backs to ensure they were precisely in-line. First, I wondered why the need for being so neat, then it occurred to me… When the chairs are lined-up exactly, it tells guests those chairs are available. When your operations are neat – shelves faced-off, landscape and entrance manicured, uniforms tidy – it doesn’t just show you’re clean. It tells customers you think details matter, you have self respect, and most of all – you’re ready to do business.

Today’s chuckle:

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home — even when you wish they were.


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