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How to compete with a Screen

ScreensAt a recent speaking engagement in Toronto I witnessed something disturbing at Pearson International Airport that has implications for everyone who interacts with customers. In several waiting areas and restaurants, there are now touchpads offering internet access and video games STATIONED IN FRONT OF EVERY SEAT. That means if you want to chat with a travelling companion or family member you have to compete for their attention with a screen stationed at their fingertips. I saw an excited toddler taking uneasy steps next to her mom who was too focused on the screen to take notice. While I appreciate the marvels of technology (which I’m using to send you this tip) there are unintended consequences.

Aside from the assault on our humanity as fallout from our inexorable compulsion to look at shiny bright screens, pay attention to these two trends in your business: 1. Customer attention spans are shortening.  2. Our verbal communication skills are atrophying. That means when talking with customers, your messaging needs to be compelling and efficient. Chances are, unless you equip your team members with training on how to do just that, their ability to engage with customers – and build loyalty – will wane.


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