How to Deal with Difficult People



How to Deal with Difficult People

Effective strategies for resolving conflicts

Whether at work or at home, a difficult person can make your life miserable. The emotional distress caused by an unpleasant customer, co-worker, or even family member can leave you feeling drained. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one making an effort. When what you try doesn’t work you may find yourself wanting to escape.

What if there was a better way to prevent and resolve conflicts?

Imagine knowing exactly what to say so that, rather than becoming offended or defensive, the person becomes more cooperative and your relationship becomes more harmonious. What if in the heat-of-the-moment, you knew precisely how to defuse a volatile situation. Hint: telling others to calm down only makes things worse. Consider how workplace morale and profits would improve if you could consistently convert an upset customer into a fan. Think of the impact on your personal life if you could resolve disagreements with neighbours, friends, and family members without creating hard feelings.

This isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s what you’ll learn with Jeff Mowatt’s audio seminar,
How to Deal with Difficult People

You’ll learn how to:

  • Deal effectively with the most difficult person in your life.
  • Lengthen your fuse when it comes to tolerating ‘difficult’ people.
  • Handle know-it-alls, negativists, and complainers.
  • Mediate conflicts between others.
  • Earn the respect you deserve from people who are aggressive.
  • Persuade others when they aren’t rationale and won’t listen to reason.
  • Express anger appropriately when others are disrespectful.
  • Resolve relationship issues that can drain your spirit and hamstring your effectiveness.

Other approaches to dealing with difficult people tend to focus on relationships in either the workplace or the family. They discuss handling angry customers and problem employees. Or they explore couples and parenting issues. With this kit however, Jeff shares communication tools that build trust with virtually any human being. The techniques you learn here will enhance your relationships at work and at home.

Download includes audio seminar recorded live and in studio with Jeff Mowatt. Jeff uses real life stories to illustrate the funny and frustrating aspects human interaction. It’s entertaining, engaging, and real — a great environment for learning. 80 minutes.

“Within two weeks of listening to Jeff’s program I experienced a dramatic improvement in my relationships with my staff and my family. The kit gave me a step-by-step approach to providing corrective feedback so that others became less defensive and more receptive. I was perceived more as helping than criticizing. My life had less tension and more harmony. It felt like a miracle!”
Jacquie Flurry, Owner/Manager, Le Triangle

“Jeff illustrated in real situations how we can improve all dealings with our customers. It’s not about giving-in or saying yes; it is about delivering information in a better way.”
Marg Caravetta, Claims Manager, ICBC

“On a normal shift I would regularly have at least 3 people freak-out and start complaining. Since using Jeff’s techniques over 4 weeks ago, I have not even had one patron become cross!!! These simple life-changing skills not only make the customers feel better, but also the employees! I don’t leave work angry because of the rude customers…Awesome!”
Marla Shumilak, Aquatic Centre Supervisor/Instructor, City of North Battleford

“Jeff’s program makes you realize certain things you may do that start or continue arguments. He provides ways to change the results just by changing a word or two.”
Shelly Baron, Commercial Associate, Rogers Insurance Ltd

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