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Avoiding Round One

In my Avoiding Round One seminars for staff who deal with stressed customers, I suggest employees avoid the habit of asking customers, “How are you?” If you know the customer is likely coming to you with a problem, asking that question sounds like you must be oblivious and forces customers to respond by lying: “Fine.” Or it invites them to launch into a rant. Not a good start. Imagine instead you are a customer visiting a registry office (a place where you may need to go but don’t really want to go). Employee: Good morning!   Customer: Hi, how are you?   Employee: Fine thanks. What can I do to make your day just a little bit easier?   Chances are, as a customer you’ll feel pleasantly surprised.   Apparently, you’re dealing with someone who solves problems.   Quite a difference when managers simply schedule half-day seminars for their teams.

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