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Easy Way to Sound more Helpful – even when you’re busy

Boost Your Approachability Effortlessly

How might your customers and coworkers describe the attitudes of you and your team members? Most of us think of ourselves as being generally pleasant. Heavens – any adult with a bit of common sense realizes we are paid to be nice. But our language doesn’t always come across that way to customers. Especially when we’re busy. The good news is there are three little words that make you sound more positive with internal and external customers. (No, they aren’t I love you. That would be weird).

I heard the 3 words phrase when I was a customer at a quick lube oil change place. They were changing my winter tires out with my summers, so while they hoisted my vehicle I needed to wait at reception. At one point an employee arrived and explained they’d be done in 5 minutes. When I thanked her, she cheerfully replied, “Happy to help”.  That simple phrase sounded more helpful than the typical you’re welcome. Next time a customer or coworker thanks you, try out the phrase, Happy to help. You may be surprised at how easy it is to sound like you have a great attitude – even when you’re busy.


Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)

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