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How Humility Boosts your Online Influence

Is your social media helping or hurting you?

Ever receive one of those holiday newsletters from a friend or relative summarizing their family’s news of the year? “Roger is now managing the Eastern division at work. Sarah graduated from elementary school. And we had a fabulous vacation in Cancun, Mexico.” I’ve no doubt the senders were well intended. To me though, many come across as self-absorbed bragging. Unfortunately, the same may be true of your social media marketing.

While attempting to post fun, interesting social media tidbits with customers and prospects, you may in fact be sowing seeds of resentment and disconnection. I’m not suggesting that you stop posting online. Heavens, if you’re running a business and communicating with customers, social media marketing is a vital tool. But what if rather than bragging about our brilliance, success, and popularity, we instead use what I call the humility advantage?

What if we also posted humorous bits about our failings and foibles?
Of course you want customers and prospects to view you and your colleagues as experts in your chosen field. That’s why my customer service training programs are about being perceived as your customers’ trusted advisor. I’m not suggesting posting announcements about failed projects for customers. But on top of our successes, what if we also demonstrate that we are human and don’t take ourselves too seriously?

The problem with trying to come across as brilliant, successful, and popular, is it makes you unrelatable. Every mature adult entrusted to make buying decisions on behalf of their organization knows that no one is perfect. When your social media marketing posts also reveal your less than perfect life, you demonstrate that you’re authentic. Authenticity builds trust. And trust builds businesses, careers, and relationships.

So, in addition to posting corporate success stories, consider sharing a morsel of personal news with some self-deprecating humour. “Enjoyed Cancun, Mexico. Well, mostly the restrooms. Turns out Montezuma is seriously vengeful. Hate that guy!” Lighten up and laugh at yourself a bit. People love it. And they’ll want to get to know you better.

That’s the humility advantage.


Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)


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