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Communicating with Customers during Covid-19

During this pandemic you may feel inclined to cancel or postpone your customer meetings. Ironically, I’d encourage you to do the opposite and move ahead with customer communications; opting for video conferencing. Once this health crisis passes, our economy will desperately need businesses to either have kept operating, or to bounce back quickly. Now is the time to stay in touch and discuss ways to help customers during and immediately after the crisis. Keep in mind you’re not making a sales call. You’re scheduling a courtesy check-in to see how they’re doing and provide 2-3 ways you might assist. If they are an industry in crisis, do not try to sell them anything. Explore ways you can help them ride this out. The wonderful benefit of a video meeting is your customers who are isolated will likely welcome the ‘face to face’ conversation. Don’t worry about video chatting from home with each person’s kitchen in the background. It makes you real and authentic. And it leads to conversations on a personal level. They’ll remember you as someone who was there for them when the chips were down.

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