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Concerned customer? Say this.

dont-worryWhich is more important – acquiring customers or retaining customers? As a sales and service trainer for over 24 years, I’ve observed that the most profitable companies focus on keeping existing customers vs trying to find new ones. When you delight customers, they recommend you to others which organically leads to new business. That’s why, when customers express a concern, it’s important to equip your employees with tools to regain trust. Contrast two statements: Employee A: “Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it.” Employee B: “Rest assured, I’ll take care of it.” The first statement comes across as patronizing and bureaucratic. The customer is an adult and may not be worried, but they want you to be aware of an issue. The second statement is more positive, rest-assured. It conveys ownership using I, and implies humanity: take care of vs deal with. Could your employees be due for a tune-up on their customer retention skills?

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