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Stephen Hammond
Lawyer, Workplace Behavior Specialist, Author

Harassment Headaches and Diversity Dividends
Avoiding brand-damaging headlines and customer backlash while creating a truly inclusive workplace

Even well-educated employees can say and do the wrong thing when communicating with customers and colleagues, destroying the reputations of individuals and corporate brands. While you can’t babysit your employees – ensuring every word coming out of their mouths is respectful – you can instill the basics of avoiding words and behaviours that garner expensive lawsuits and banner headlines.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid triggering sensitivity hot-buttons, while becoming more inclusive in our diverse world.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others, particularly in the eyes of the Canadian judicial system.
  • Become truly inclusive, instead of just ticking off the boxes.
  • Address the single biggest barrier to inclusion: bystanders who fear repercussions.

“The feedback we received from our leadership group about Stephen’s message was so positive that we decided to provide this critical workplace training to all staff.”

– Trevor Sutherley, Deputy Fire Chief, Parkland County

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