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Two words to build trust

Jeff Mowatt training tip, two words to build trustContrary to popular belief, remarkable customer service isn’t that much about friendliness. It is however, about creating trust. As David Horsager, author of The Trust Edge puts it. “A lack of trust is the largest expense we have.” The question becomes, what’s the fastest way to create trust with potential customers? Here’s a suggestion I share in my seminars. Use these two words more often: “As promised...” In other words, start by making a commitment to the customer – that you will actually keep – such as, “I’ll send you that draft within 24 hours.” Then when you deliver on that promise, begin with the words, “As promised…” No doubt you’re already completing tasks for customers and coworkers. When you start with as promised, it registers with others that you actually deliver. It’s a simple way to earn trust and differentiate your service.

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