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Using Stories that Sell for you

“I’m using you and Mom to sell more skis!” This was our daughter, Nicole who, while attending university, has a part-time job at a local ski shop. She said she often talks about me or Lydia as an example when she recommends the Volkl Blaze skis we bought last year.

Nicole said if it’s an experienced skier or a customer around our age she’ll point out, “My dad is an ex racer with knee issues… he doesn’t want to fight the skis, and he loves these ones.” Or if it’s a relatively new skier, Nicole will explain, “My mom only started skiing a few years ago and when she switched to these skis, she found it so much easier.” Nicole said practically every time when they hear those examples, they instantly buy! I’m thrilled because the examples are true and Nicole is helping her customers, herself, and the store – everyone wins! (And I admit I’m just a proud dad.) 😀

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