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When Faster Service isn’t Better

Conventional customer service wisdom is that customers appreciate service that’s prompt. So you might have a conversation with the customer, then email them the materials they need just before you leave work at the end of the day.

Big mistake.

Not the part about doing the work before you leave – but emailing it to a customer at the end of their workday. That timing practically guarantees they’ll ignore it until the next day. But next morning they start receiving other emails, so your message from the night before gets ‘buried’ in their inbox.

The good news is it’s easy to still provide prompt service and have your info at your customer’s top of mind. Just commit to them at the outset that they’ll have the info within 24 hours. Then prepare your email as usual. But just before sending, in Outlook click email options, schedule it to go to the customer about a half hour after they arrive at work. That way it still seems prompt, and they’re more keen on opening it and considering it.

Anther quicktip – since the email will arrive in the morning, begin your email with “Good morning..” vs “Hi…” to make it sound more present and personal.

Bottom line, don’t just try to get something off your plate for a customer. Also keep in mind when they’ll have the appetite to receive it.

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