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Which of these will lose a sale faster?

Imagine a potential customer talking about their product preferences and pet peeves. Which of these is most likely to lose the sale:

  1. Not having the exact solution the buyer is seeking.
  2. Having a higher price than the buyer has in mind.
  3. Glossing over or ignoring the customer’s pet peeve.

If you answered c) ignoring pet peeves, congratulations – you win the sale!

One of the most common mistakes I’ve discovered when managers bring me into coach their sales and service teams is selective hearing. Employees typically pay close attention when they sense they have a possible solution to fulfill the customer’s desires. However, when buyers mention what they don’t want, employees tend to tune-out. Then, when describing a possible solution, employees list all the positives, but pretend they didn’t hear about the negatives.

That strategy rarely works since it indicates we didn’t listen well. It erodes trust.

Next time you’re describing the benefits of your products or services, make a point of bringing up the customer’s concerns. Explain how these benefits either address or outweigh those concerns. Avoid saying ‘but’. Instead use, that’s why… For example, “I know you were concerned about delivery delays. That’s why I’m suggesting this model, which is higher priced. However, it’s in-stock and you’ll have it today, rather than having to wait 3 months.”

Bottom line – don’t ignore customer concerns. Raise them and embrace them.

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