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Write this when customers request price quotes

Imagine a customer emailing or texting you for a price quote. The temptation may be to simply reply with a price or range of prices and hope for the best. But if you are not the lowest price provider in your industry, then for obvious reasons that’s rarely an effective strategy.

Your best chance of actually making the sale is to start by having a face to face in-person or virtual conversation. That way you can drill down and identify their needs other than price. The challenge is you aren’t likely to get that meeting with a busy person by simply replying with, “Do you want to have a meeting and talk more about your needs?” Instead, consider responding with…

We have a range of prices depending on several factors. And I’ll be happy to look into those options for you. But first I need to know if you’re open to us sitting down and having a conversation to give me a better idea of your project/ plans and how this might fit in. That way I can come up with pricing options that are relevant. Are you available later this afternoon or tomorrow morning?

If they aren’t open to scheduling a meeting, it’s a good indication they aren’t serious about potentially buying from you. In that case, I suggest you don’t send prices. Focus on more qualified buyers.

The key words in the above phrasing – are you open to… Notice we aren’t asking, “Do you want to… or would you like to…” Busy professionals don’t want or like to have unnecessary meetings. Meanwhile, most people like to think of themselves as being open-minded. Asking a customer if they are open to… is an easy way of not only asking for an appointment, but also determining if they are open to considering a different approach to solving their problem. Big difference for changing a few words.

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