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Tear up your Relationship Scoresheet

The words Power of Sharing on a white billboard, banner or outdoor sign to encourage you to give, share, donate or volunteer to help provide relief or assistance others in need

One of life’s harsh realities is that some people will take advantage of your generosity. Perhaps you’ve put more into a friendship than you received. Or you’ve played host more often than you were hosted. At work, you may keep your commitments to customers and co-workers, while they seem to take it for granted. You may even keep a mental scoresheet; what you give vs what you get. The problem is people quickly sense when we are protecting our self-interests, and they become just as guarded. So my suggestion is to tear up the relationship scoresheet. Be generous with your time and talent without keeping track. Smile first. Others may not reciprocate directly. Your reputation however, will be enhanced and your disposition will be improved. I think the idea of manifesting wealth and abundance by merely visualizing it and putting a picture of it on your fridge is nonsense. Instead, give more of yourself and you will – often by virtue of your reputation – be handsomely rewarded.

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