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Two common words to avoid using with customers

Which of these better describes the types of products and services that your organization provides:

  1. We provide products and services that give customers fun and pleasure to own or consume. ie resort vacations, spa services, luxury vehicles.
  2. We provide products and services that customers need, usually in order to get something else done. ie. parts, repairs, accounting service, contracting, admin.

If your organization is more in the b) category, or if you sell business-to-business, then chances are your team members are inadvertently losing trust with your customers, without even knowing it. Here’s why.

Customers of the b) category type organizations are often making grudge purchases. They don’t want to buy your products or services, they need to buy them. That’s why there’s often a disconnect and a loss of trust when your team members ask customers questions like, “Would you like to schedule a meeting? “Do you want us to put together some prices?” Frankly, customers don’t want to go through this process at all. So, asking customers what they’d like or want reduces trust.

Fortunately, there are 3 alternative phrases that build trust; particularly when you are selling to businesses or to customers who are making grudge purchases. You’ll learn these and many more at my upcoming live stream seminar. Check it out at Trusted Advisor Seminar

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